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5 Last Minute Christmas gift Ideas

5 Last Minute Christmas gift Ideas

December 18, 2020

Are you a last minute shopper and with only 7 days left until Christmas don't want to spend the extra money on expedited shipping just for the  gift to not get to you in time for the holiday? Do we have some ideas for you! Below is a list of 5 last minute gift idea that don’t involve shipping:

  1. Open or contribute to a child's college saving plan : Trying to find a gift for the child who has everything? Consider giving them something that will truly last a lifetime: the gift of a college education. Not sure how to open or contribute ? Not to worry, we got you covered, just email us at to get started.
  2.  Make a donation to one of their favorite charities in their name
  3. The gift of fresh artisan bread : we are a little bias on this one, but you could always get your friend or family member a gift card to
    Luigi's Pane and Pasta.
  4. A gift card to their favorite local business : With the way 2020 went for small local business, this is a great way to support a local business and give a gift to someone you know they will enjoy
  5. The gift of language or another fun subscription. The following are subscription services that you can gift someone without getting shipping involved:



                  Home Chef


    We hope this helps all our last minute shoppers! Wishing everyone a safe and happy holiday season!


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